At Faith Management & Realty Group, we’ve served the Germantown area for years in order to provide an incredible real estate experience for all. We’ve focused a lot on helping first time home buyers, because anyone who has gone through this process knows that there is so much to learn in order to make buying a home happen. From figuring out down payments to getting the best mortgage, to understanding real estate terms—like what does “closing” and “ROI” mean?—there are tons of things to know, and getting proper help is crucial.

With that being said, we absolutely can’t ignore the seasoned vets in the world of buying a home! Our real estate team respects and reveres your experience, and would love to help you buy your next home. But how will you know when you’re ready? In this blog, we’ll focus on the current homeowners who feel like it might be time to make some changes. Take a look at some signs that you’re ready to buy a new home, and contact our real estate agency in Germantown to get started!

Your family is growing.

This is probably one of the most common reasons people look into buying a new home. The two-bedroom, one-bath might have been fine when it was just you and your partner. But now there’s a baby on the way—or a second child, or even a third—and the current space is just not cutting it. Before you feel like your home is bursting at the seams, it’s definitely time to start looking into the real estate market (and even better, rely on a real estate agency like Faith Management & Realty Group to make the process even easier).

You could try to tough it out a little longer in what now feels like a cramped and crowded box of a home, or you could start looking for some more space. Once the kids get a little older, they’ll love having some green space to run around on. If you’re noticing that your mom is needing more help around the home, you could find a space with an extra bedroom for her to stay in. The possibilities are endless when you go for more space, which is why a growing or changing family is a clear sign that you should look into buying a new home.

You’re moving!

This practically goes without saying. If you’re about to move to a new location, you’ll of course need to find a new house. When you’re moving to the Germantown area, we will be so glad to have you! But even if you’re moving out of Germantown, our real estate agency would be more than happy to help you get settled up here—speak with one of our agents about selling your home!

You’re unsatisfied with your current home.

When you first bought that house, back in decades where terms like “millennial” and “Snapchat” didn’t exist, your home was probably quaint. It wasn’t perfect, but it was cute, and it was your very first property! However, the here and the now might tell a different tale. The light fixtures and layouts, the outdated structure and foundation—it’s not working anymore. If your home makes you sigh with exasperation instead of enthusiasm, something needs to change.

Of course, renovations are an option, but depending on the situation, might not be as lucrative as simply buying a new home. And if you end up driving through the neighborhood and see a home that takes your breath away with a “For Sale” sign out front, well, you probably already know it’s time to act.

You need a change.

It could be you’re ready to move to the ever-growing city of Germantown, it could be you want your kids in a certain school district, it could even be you’re just ready for something different. The change could be as vast as switching to a brand new position, and looking to relocate as such, or as simple as you’ve always wanted to bike to work, and now’s your chance. No matter what the situation, needing a change is a perfectly good reason to start looking into the real estate market—and our real estate agency would be more than happy to help.

The thing that’s great about buying a home this time around is just like what we mentioned earlier—you’re a pro. You know what to expect, you know the logistics, and you know even more of what you’re looking for. The first home you bought was like that first serious relationship. You learned a lot, and you’re glad for the experience (or at least, we hope that’s the case), but now you’re ready for something better. Let our real estate team be the ones to guide you along the way—contact Faith Management & Realty Group to get started!