So many of us are perpetually in the rental game. Considering 50 percent of the population under the age of 30 in the United States pays rent for their residence, the majority of the population can relate to life in the rental lane. The stress of moving is a big reason why, once we get established into our new place, we feel this overwhelming sentiment of never wanting to move again.

Yet things come up, and whether we like it or not, there’s usually some voice in the back of our head telling us what we quietly already know: it’s time to move. Again. We know, the reality of this can cause some grimacing and groaning, but there’s great news that comes in the form of Faith Realty & Management Group. With our realtors and property management team, we can make it easier than ever for you to find the apartment complex or condominium you’ve been looking for. Use this blog as a reference for reinforcing what you know deep down to be true—it’s time to find a new apartment. Take a deep breath, enjoy the ride, and contact our property management team to get started!

You’re tired of your commute.

For some of us, driving 30+ minutes to work is a relaxing time, filled with “This American Life” episodes or catching up with friends and family. However, many of us think of spending an hour a day in the car a tedium, given the little free time we seem to have. Perhaps you moved to a new city for a job, and found yourself in dire need to get a new place as soon as possible. When that’s the case, the priority of shelter takes precedence over the priority of location, and this can quickly become a hassle.

If you love your job but hate your commute, this is a fairly easy fix. Having a job you enjoy is never something to take for granted, which is why working with our realtors or property management team can be ideal for finding your next place. Our listings page can help you get started finding the perfect apartment or condo in the Germantown and Memphis area!

You don’t like your roommate situation.

Ask anyone for a “weird roommate story” and you’ll find yourself sitting back to the sweet sounds of a crazy living situation. It feels like practically everyone has had some wild roommate adventure, and while it makes for a great tale to tell later on, this is far from ideal when you’re living and dealing with it. Take this as your sign to get out of there—you deserve a living arrangement that’s homey, not home-wrecking.

Your rent is getting higher.

It can be one thing to live in a great location and see a minor price hike that doesn’t have any kind of significant impact on your budget. It can be another thing entirely when the change in rent is making you think it might be time to move. Rents will inevitably only continue to surge, but the hope is that it doesn’t happen while you’re living in a place you love and can afford. Unfortunately, sometimes we take a place that’s already a little outside of our price range, and an increase in rent can mean we aren’t able to stay. Even if the rent change is not completely overwhelming, you could instead find a place where prices are more expected and stable. A change in rent is a definite sign that it might be time to find a new apartment or condominium.

You need to move.

New jobs, new opportunities, or just the sense of adventure—whatever’s pressing you to relocate, then it’s absolutely necessary to get a new place. There are so many amazing things to do in Memphis and Germantown, and we’re ecstatic that you’ll be relocating near the city! Fortunately, our realtors and property management team can help you find the place you’re looking for—view our properties and contact to get more information!

Your lifestyle is changing.

That studio apartment might have been super cute and cozy when you were just out of college, but things might be looking a bit different now. You love cooking and dinner parties! You’re using kitchen utensils past the realms and reaches of the microwave! You need space, and after grinding in your career for the past few years, you can finally afford it. A change in your personal lifestyle is absolutely a reason to get a new place.

Additionally, if you have relationship changes, this can also signify the need for a new location. Maybe you and your partner are moving in together, or can finally afford a bigger space. Or maybe you’ve parted ways with an ex for once and for all, and are needing a fresh start (in which case, we’re sorry to hear that, but good for you).

It could even be there’s another person joining your family. A parent coming to live with you or a baby on the way is easily an indicator that more space will soon be a must. Or maybe it’s none of those, and you actually feel like you need less space than before in attempts to embrace your newly proclaimed minimalist lifestyle. Whatever the reason, a change in your lifestyle completely deserves to be reflected in a change in your living space.

You don’t like your place.

Maybe it’s the landlord that seems to never fix that drying machine but always hound you for not sweeping your front porch the second a leaf hits the deck. Or perhaps the place you’re renting had some crazy pet dander from before and no matter how many times the carpets are cleaned, your allergies are running high. It doesn’t matter why, but if you’re not a fan of your current living arrangement, change it up! Knowing what you don’t like is instrumental in helping you find what you do enjoy, and our property management team are committed to communicating with you, every step of the real estate way.

You’re tired of renting.

Maybe you don’t want to just rent a new apartment or condo, maybe you’re ready to own one. The millions and millions of people who rent in the United States know the perks and the drawbacks—you have someone to rely on when things in your apartment or house go awry, but you also don’t have the assets that can make a significant impact in your financial portfolio. Now might be the perfect time for you to start looking into property that can finally be called your own. When this happens, you already know that Faith Management & Realty Group is the real estate team to call.

Serving Memphis and Germantown for over 10 years, we’ve worked with countless people who have made the jump into owning a home. Today is as good a day as ever to start looking at the real estate market, and peruse some appealing homes for sale. Our real estate agents will work tirelessly to help you get the support you need to find the home you love.

There are any number of reasons why it’s time to get a new apartment or home, but the one thing they all have in common is that your experience will be best when you work with Faith Management & Realty Group. Contact our team to get started!